Student Government volunteers

On Declogo - low resember 12, members of Student Government will give back to the community by helping out the Project Cure Organization.

These students will be heading down to the Project Cure warehouse to pack food to be sent off to other places. The food choices will be the healthier options that not many people around the nation have the option to buy.

“The four or five of us that are going are looking forward to an event that would work well with short term and be a lot of fun as a bonding event as well as helping the community,” says Will McLaughlin ’17.

Project Cure has several opportunities to help causes around the world. They have multiple cancer research programs that involve raising money for research and helping out the children with cancer.

“This project is close to home. It’s really a good bonding exercise and supports research so I’m pretty excited for it,” says Jack Spangler ’17. 

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