Speech and Debate starts their season

The Speech and Debate team at Heritage is small in numbers but big in outcomes.

“The team goal is to unite the speech side with the debate side and really just create a team atmosphere,” says Katie Hart ’18, a co-captain of Speech.

Most Saturdays from November to March, 7am to around 9pm, the members of the team can be found competing at various high schools in their respective events.

The team poses after their last meet. Students can still join the team on Wednesdays.

“All of the skills you learn transition into incredibly helpful skills for life in general,” says Hart.

Through Speech, students learn valuable public speaking skills, while in Debate, students learn these skills as well as the ability to build a constructive argument.

At their last meet at Golden High School on November 12, Connor Mudd ’17 and Adam Downing ’17 placed first in Public Forum Debate, Scott Bitzko ’17 got silver in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Katie Hart ’18 and Cameron Berry ’18 got second in Duo Interpretation, Asher Farr ’17 got fourth in National Extemp and Rebecca Bidales ’19 got fifth in Poetry Interpretation.

“I can’t imagine a better group of kids to spend Saturday’s with,” says Hart.

Speech and Debate meets Wednesdays at 3:30 in the Library, people can still join.

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