Speech and Debate comes to an end

Heritage Speech and Debate meetings come to a close this year after their State competition on March 20-21.

“More students qualified for state this year than any previous year: Tori Mudd in Oratory, Hattie Poole in Poetry, Andrew Dallakoti and Reid Wilking in PF Debate and Connor Mudd and Adam Downing in PF Debate,” says Mr. Rob Herrick, one of the Speech coaches.

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Members of the Speech and Debate team pose while waiting for the next round.

Some highlights of the year include Hattie Poole, who advanced to semifinals at the State tournament, Andrew Dallakoti and Reid Wilking, who also advanced in the State tournament, Sierra Johnson-Golding, who took first place in Drama at six tournaments this year, and the team won a sweepstakes awards at the Denver Public Schools tournament for having the third highest number of finalists in the tournament.

“There was a much bigger turn out at tournaments this year and in some cases we even needed two tables in the lunchrooms, which was a first for our team,” says Erica Brooks ’16, who has become more confident in her writing and public speaking skills as a result of participating in Speech.

The tournaments, however, are finished after the national tournament qualifier on April 10-11 at Cherry Creek High School. The Heritage team plans on sending four students to that meet.

“I couldn’t be more proud of this team. We have a really young team that continues to work hard, learn and grow,” says Herrick. “I’m excited for the future!”

During the off season, members are going to hold meetings at houses and prepare as much as they can for the next season.

“I always look forward to anything we have coming up, whether it’s next season, the next tournament or the next practice. Working with these students is a blast, and we always have a lot of fun,” says Herrick. “Most of our students are returning next year, and I look forward to seeing the results of the work they put in during the off season.”

The Speech and Debate team also makes it a goal to get to know everyone and create a family aspect.

“Even those who didn’t make it to state worked hard all year and everyone had personal goals that they accomplished. We came together as more of a united team this year, both the members and the coaches got to know each other better,” says Brooks. “We did all nighters where we helped each other work on pieces and after most tournaments we went out to dinner and just had fun with each other.”

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