“Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken” Mike Smith A Reminder and Plan for Action

Mike Smith visited Heritage early this year and captured the Heritage audience with his unique story and take on life.

His strong urge to find one’s legacy and to strive to find people in one’s community who need acknowledgment and support may have impacted some of the Heritage student body, but on October 3rd Heritage gifted twenty five students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills at Regis and revisit that message with Mike Smith himself as well as members of the Jostens Renaissance community.

Jostens Renaissance is a foundation that focuses on improving school culture and positivity. Guest speaker Dr. Phil Campbell, a member of the Jostens Renaissance community and also a renowned staff member of Portland High School, shared his journey with Jostens Renaissance and how he applied their methods on improving school environment to mend the lack of culture and encouragement at Portland High, to student leadership in several different schools. Campbell emphasized on building connections between students and teachers and also on fostering the relationships between students using positivity. He inspired students at the conference by ensuring that “ we can win” the challenges leaders face when attempting to improve their schools atmosphere.

Students weren’t the only ones inspired to make change or improvement on October 3.  As Dr. Campbell shared many of his school’s creative ideas to help reinforce a positive, supportive atmosphere, staff members new and old from schools across the state found themselves influenced to seek a deeper sense of culture within their schools.

 As Mike Smith took the stage he stole not only the Heritage audience, for a second time, but also high school leadership from across Colorado . His reliability and casual nature engaged many in his life story, but as he made his message clear, this time, audience members found themselves devoted to making positive choices that lead to a positive legacy.

When speaking directly to the present members of the Heritage Leadership Panel, Mike Smith reinforced his cause and voiced his high expectations for Heritage after their now second time receiving his message.

Heritage leadership plans to take many actions regarding improving the school’s sense of community.

While it is a great task, Heritage recognizes “ that real world problems take action”  as Mike Smith said during his speech.

One of leadership’s priorities is to give the HHS building character  that expresses the school’s culture and pride by utilizing students and their accomplishments. They also hope that the plans to enhance  the school’s environment bring unity to clubs and students through giving each heritage club and group the opportunity to bring awareness to themselves that will hopefully influence students to get involved with different parts of their school community.

Leadership can not carry all of the task on their shoulders, it will take the support of a vast majority of the Heritage student body to truly initiate positive changes throughout the school.

Mike Smith explained to the Heritage community that “Helping happens when no one else is looking.”

While Heritage does not carry a negative atmosphere, engaging in simple acts of kindness towards others would make a world of difference to the Heritage community. You don’t need to join a club or do something great to motivate the school towards positivity.


25 Heritage leadership students accompany Mike Smith at Regis High School to build school culture and start their legacies.



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