Solis conquers LINK


Ms. Solis is prepared for whatever LINK throws her way. She is excited to meet new students and get closer to upperclassmen.

This school year Ms. Brittmarie Solís has joined LINK as a coordinator.

“I am loving LINK so far. I lucked out with two fantastic commissioners, (seniors) Hannah Fajer and Erica Brooks, who keep me on my toes and of course, Ms. Glerup and Ms. Rickard who already know the program really well,” says Solís.

Solís has many goals for this school year, including getting proper training at the Boomerang Project and creating a successful ice cream social.

“I have heard [the Boomerang Project] is life-changing and really engaging and that teachers who go come back refreshed and pumped about life and LINK,” says Solís. “Also, the ice cream social is my first ‘solo’ project, so I want it to be successful and fun for the freshmen,” she adds.

Solís, with her self-proclaimed Latin energy and loudness, is determined to build a relationship with all of her LINK leaders.

“I think, despite the fact that she is an excellent educator, this is where she truly shines,” says Celeste Borg ’16, a leader in her advisory. “Her outgoing personality and natural charisma have lent themselves perfectly to LINK coordination,” she adds.

Solís continues to grow as a leader of LINK just as her students grow as leaders in the community.

“I have some huge shoes to fill, as Ms. (Masciotro) Gravitt was incredible! I truly look up to her and hope to be half as amazing as she was to the program,” says Solís.

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