Social media usage spreads through Heritage

A recent poll of Heritage students shows how social media has become a major part of many high schoolers’ lives and has impacted the way people communicate, spread ideas and share news.

From Snapchat’s initial release date of September 2011, it has gained much popularity since then. In the poll of Heritage students, it was found the 60.6% of students picked Snapchat as their most used app, while the next top answers were Instagram (15.2%) and Pinterest (15.2%). Other answers included Tumblr, News, and Music sites.

Snapchat’s growing popularity has impacted many people with use for communication, news, and to keep up with friends. Many people have even started using it over texting and calling.

“My most used social media site is Snapchat and I use it because I like being able to talk with people who I don’t get to see as often,” says Ali Lamberson ’19.

Even while some classes don’t allow use of phones or use of social media apps, the use of social media during school and outside of school is growing, including the use of Snapchat. During school just over half of the students said use social media less than 10 times, but the second half of the students said that the used it much more with a range of 15 to 30 times throughout the school day.

Outside of school a little over half the students answered that they use social media about 20 to 30 times at home or other places. One fourth of the students use social media less than 10 times outside of school and the remaining fourth answered that they use the sites between 40 and 50 times. All of the highest numbers, during school and outside of school, were from Snapchat users.

“I like using social media, like Snapchat, because I can share fun things with my friends and talking with them makes me happy,” says Elisabeth Roemer ’19.


The poll showed that about 70% of the students said that they used social media constantly throughout the day, instead of more in the morning or at night. 27% said that they used it more at night and only 3% answered that they use it more in the morning. Other questions included how often they use social media during school and outside of school, what time of day students tend to use sites more, and why they like using social media.

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