Social media runs society




Our world has become inundated with technology and social media. Every day millions of people are visiting sites and downloading hundreds of apps. It has become a normal part of the everyday routine of life.

So many different social media sites exist. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and many more.


I think that the most useful or most liked social media sites are Twitter and Facebook. People of all ages and social groups use these sites.

Facebook is ranked as number one most popular networking site. According to over 9,000,000 people visit Facebook each month. It is also a good website for everything. You can share pictures with friends and family all over the world. You can receive information, invitations; join social groups and much more. All ages can use it also. It’s a very good way to reconnect with distant family or friends.

Twitter, on the other hand, is ranked as number two most popular social networking site. An estimated amount of 290,000,000 people use Twitter on a monthly basis. All ages can also use Twitter. But it is most commonly used for the younger generation. It is a great way to retrieve information. Celebrities use it , newspapers use it, teachers can also use it. It’s a quick and very easy to access. It’s also user friendly and easy to use and understand.

Social media has come into our lives and helped us and entertained us. It is a normal assurance to have social media and it keeps the world connected at a touch of a button.fbvstw

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