Showcase Night exhibits HHS

Photo courtesy of Hattie Poole Mr. Johnson creates a display of fire using methane gas. The science department also used chemicals to make a jack-o-lantern seem as if it was vomiting.

This past week on Tuesday, November 5 approximately 240 prospective students came to Heritage from 6:30 to 8:30 to experience the school during the Heritage High School Showcase Night.

These eighth graders took tours throughout the school by groups of LINK crew members. At each stop of the tour, a different academic department each gave their own presentation. They were designed to inform and excite the students about the classes held at Heritage. The demonstrations included things such as social studies trivia games, contests using the website and controlled flames enacted by methane gas

“It felt really awesome to show the eighth graders around. We not only got to sell Heritage but also to have a chance to calm a lot of their fears about high school in general,” says Kimi Ching ’16, Link Commissioner.

While the eighth graders were holding online discussions facilitated by the English department and experiencing the Heritage hovercrafts, their parents had opportunities to experience their own events. Among other things, adults were entertained by Check choir. The group performed to the accompaniment of Mr. Fischer on keyboard in a cafe set up in the second floor Study Center.

Parents also had the opportunity to go to informative sessions about Advanced Placement classes from Mr. Heimer, Assistant Principal in charge of curriculum, in the theatre. In addition, parents could meet their children’s future counselors and post-grad representatives in the band room.

When the parents and kids rendezvoused after the tours, they had the chance to go to one of 42 booths showcasing the various clubs, activities and sports here at Heritage.

“It was super cool that lots of kids were excited about being new to Heritage. They really enjoyed the booths and the tour,” says Stephanie Fassler ’16, a school ambassador who helped welcome both parents and students to the building.

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