Seniors experience Life 101

Attach8248_20170220_184129Life 101 is a senior seminar set up in the second semester to give seniors the chance to talk about the changes that are coming.

“I decided to be a student leader for Life 101 because I think it’s an amazing opportunity to share with other seniors about events we all are going through. I think of it less like a leadership position and more like a mouth piece; I hope I am able to learn from others and share what I learn,” says Theresa Centola ’17.

The first seminar was on February 15, which was used as an ice breaker and discussions on happiness and using our time in this world wisely.

“I learned that our happiness is super important and we should strive to make our life a priority and to do things for ourselves,” says Sophia Brooks ’17.

Life 101 is a safe place to speak one’s mind, listen to peers strengthen and make relationships, as well as be supported.

“I will absolutely go again. It was such an awesome experience and it was so worth it,” says Brooks.

The next Life 101 meeting is March 1 in the Library from 6-8.

“Seniors should go to Life 101 because…why not? They should take a little risk for potential great reward. If they don’t like it, there’s no pressure to come back, but Life 101 is unlike any experience or club you can be involved in at Heritage. It’s an amazing environment full of open minds and kind hearts,” says Centola.






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