Senioritis affecting Heritage

Second semester, infamously known for slacking off that occurs at Heritage High School, presents itself once again with a new batch of “senioritis”.

Senioritis occurs when a student, not always a senior, begins to slack off due to the high pressures of the school year that is beginning to come to an end.

Typically, it is most prevalent towards the end of February.

“You see it start creeping in junior classes. It affects not only just the seniors, but the entire school,” says Mr. Dave Collins, a Heritage High School History teacher.

From a student perspective, it is hard to motivate oneself to do schoolwork when the weather is spring-like and statewide testing is coming up.

senioritis pic

Many students concentrate on their phone and social life rather than their school work.

“It’s hard to focus on school when I know that graduation is so close, and Netflix seems like a much better option,” says Ally Lambrecht ’15.

With graduation around the corner for most seniors, the procrastination of school work in order to spend time with friends, whom they will be shortly leaving, is becoming a trend.

There is a perception among students that once they are accepted into a college, senior year is irrelevant. However, colleges have the power to revoke an admissions if they feel it is needed.

Senioritis is affecting all of Heritage. As freshmen look to the upperclassmen, they begin to copy their actions of how they handle their schoolwork. However, it becomes a problem when most of the students at a high school begin to slack off in their work.

The school year of 2014-2015 is almost over, but it might not end with a bang.

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