Selfie face in action


It’s fun to take a selfie with friends and express emotions and share experiences. People think that it is fun to get that one picture where you look fabulous or a shot that will change everything. Teens spend a lot of time on their phones taking pictures, especially of themselves. As they take these “selfie’s” they usually have funny faces as they hold up their phone to pose, often with their friends pushing into each other trying to also get into the frame. Although it is fun to take and share selfies with friends, there can be consequences.

Since cameras were included on iPhone 4s in 2010, selfies have consumed more time for teens. The Guardian Newspaper in England says that more than 1 million selfies will be taken each day by people around the world. People are now spending much more time on their phones taking photos. According to Ben Zigterman on BGR, “Yahoo estimates that 880 billion photographs were taken in 2014 , and a survey taken by Samsung in Britain found that 17% of men and 10% of women take selfies.”International Business Times reports “ A recent survey from Luster Premium White, a teeth whitening brand based in Boston, calculated that the average millennial could take up to about 25,700 selfies in his or her lifetime.”


A student tacks a sweet selfie of himself in class.

Many new products are being created to make taking selfies easier and create a better product. Selfies have become so popular that phone companies are making new phones with wider frames so people can fit into the whole screen. Apple’s iPhone advertises products such as the wider fish-eye lens and a macro lens to give a wider shot. People are taking so many selfies that accessories are being made to make it easier to snap photos. One invention is the selfie stick. It is a tool to take selfies that extends the camera so that the photo can be shot from a wider angle and include more of the scene.

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