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Ms. Jill Schrader takes on her new role as assistant principal with enthusiasm, looking forward to the coming changes in the year ahead.

This year, Ms. Jill Schrader stand as a new assistant principal here at Heritage and is excited about all the new opportunities it provides.

“Ms. Riendeau has brought up the topic a few times about me becoming assistant principal. So I finally went back to school to get my degree, and when Ms. Sedivy retired last year, Ms. Riendeau said I should try for the position and I ended up getting it,” says Schrader.

Although Schrader no longer spend as much time with all the students, she still enjoys some of her new perks as the assistant principal.

“I no longer have to write sub plans, that is probably the nicest thing I don’t have to worry about,” says Schrader.

However, as a teacher, Schrader is known to coach several sports around the school, including volleyball, swimming and tennis. Schrader hopes to continue her coaching as assistant principal, but she is not sure if she will have enough time to fit it all in.

“I will try to coach the swim team in the winter sports season and I will see how that goes and decide if I can move on to coach tennis,” says Schrader.

Schrader might not be with students as often anymore, but they all wish her luck as she takes on her new position in the school.

“I had Ms. Schrader for Chemistry and I really like the class and how she taught it. I miss her as my teacher but I know she will be really good as assistant principal,” says Natalie Oliveira ’17.


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