School Spirit Vs. Team Rivalry at HHS

School spirit and school rivalry are not quite the same. Heritage High School’s biggest rivalry with Arapahoe High School is described by Heritage’s Principal Stacey Riendeau as a sibling rivalry.


The student body cheering on their team during Homecoming week.

“What makes rivalry is that you’re so close,” she says, “like siblings, you are motivated to be better than them and at the end of the day you want to win.”

Riendeau says, “Games are emotional because you have love and care of the team, it matters if you win or lose.”

With as much school spirit as Heritage has, this is no surprise. Pep assemblies are filled with screaming, applause and love for school.

“ I love seeing all the grades come together during football games to support our school’s teams,” says Isabel Walker’ 18.

Part of participating in school spirit is being a good sport.

Riendeau reminds students, “Our kids have really embraced the notion of cheering for us and not against someone else.”

Of course every passionate school has enough school spirit to respect that and Heritage certainly shows it.

“Life is bigger than what happens on the field,” says Riendeau.

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