Scaling the peak on Pi Day

alpine pic

The Alpine Club stopped to enjoy their apple pie on Bergen Peak on 3/14/15 at 9:26:54.

In celebration of Pi Day the school’s Alpine Club took a trip up to Evergreen to climb Bergen Peak.

The first sequence of numbers in the irrational number we know as pi are 3.1415926535, so Pi Day occurred on March 14, 2015, specifically at 9:26:54.

“We had planned to hike on that day anyways, but then we found out it was going to be Pi Day, which was good fun,” says Mr. Guy Warren, the club’s sponsor.

With nine students, one dad and Warren, the group left Heritage at seven in the morning on Saturday to go to Evergreen.

After hiking up for a while, Warren stopped everyone at exactly 9:26 to acknowledge Pi Day. They took some pictures before Warren pulled out some special Pi Day treats: Pie! Warren had surprised the group by buying everyone individual apple pies from McDonald’s.

The group sat around for a while eating their food and listening to “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver, and ended up changing the words to “Rocky Mountain Pie.”

“All of the Pi Day festivities just made my heart so happy. It was honestly one of the best hikes I’ve ever been on and it was with such a great group of kids,” says Silje Hayes ’15, a member of the club.

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