Rosales takes flight

Julio holds his signature Air Force Falcons hat. It's been a constant reminder in his life for the dreams he aspires to accomplish.

Despite how some students may feel about university life, it’s relatively safe to say that there will be room for most Heritage graduates to make mistakes next year. However, for senior Julio Rosales the stakes are much higher.

Despite being awarded the prestigious Daniel’s Fund Scholarship and having the opportunity to attend most any college he desired, Julio decided instead to enroll in the United State Air Force Academy Preparatory School.

“I know that it’s all or nothing, but I feel like it’s something that I have to do,” remarks Rosales. “I’ve wanted this my entire life.”

The prep school is meant as a transition between high school and Air Force life. It’s organized to sort out who is and who isn’t fit for military life. This decision is risky for Julio, because one in four who enter into the program either can’t handle it or are not admitted into the Academy.

“I hear it’s pretty brutal, but I’m confident I’ll succeed,” says Rosales.

Julio’s rigorous basic training and education for the Air Force will start July 20th of this year and will last for ten months.

“Julio’s a unique guy,” says friend of Rosales, Max Milliman. “I know he’s got so much to offer in a place like the air force.”

Once Julio begins his program at the academy, he will be considered a reserve airman and will be earning an income from the military. His path of choice may be more like throwing himself in the deep end than pursuing normal higher education, but Julio hopes that this is the first step on an incredibly fulfilling journey.

“Eventually, I’d like to study to become an astronaut,” says Rosales. “I know it seems far-fetched, but what’s the point if I don’t give it my all?”

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