Rioters plan to protest police brutality every month

Police arrested a total of 5 people. The parade continued on soonafter.

Police arrested a total of 5 people. The parade continued on soonafter.

On the fifth day of every month, the organization called Occupy Denver and the group Anonymous rally to stage a protest against police brutality. On April 5, they started at the  the State Capital and then marched down to the 16th Street Mall, where they stopped on a street corner and started yelling; supposedly in response to previous events in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where officers were said to have shot and killed a homeless man without legitimate cause.

Denver Police drove through the mall, in hopes to quiet the small crowd, who were banging on buckets and yelling through loud speakers.

Soon after the police arrived, young men from the crowd jumped out towards the officers in the cars, yelling in their faces and making hand-gestures. Suddenly, the crowd dispersed for a moment, while the officers made arrests of some of the worst offenders.

A sandwich was tossed onto the hood of a car from upper levels in a nearby building, and the tension was only rising at that point.

Police cars dash to the scene, hoping to calm the crowd.

Police cars dash to the scene, hoping to calm the crowd.

People in the surrounding crowds, watching the display, passed on remarks to one another.

“Oh, they better not hurt those kids,” one woman said while watching with her husband.

Others were not quite so sympathetic to OD and Anonymous, as they were unimpressed with the representation of the cause.

A young man was wearing a mask that was in the shape of a marijuana leaf, while his fellow demonstrators wore “vendetta” masks and bandannas to cover their faces. Meanwhile they screamed vulgarities, attempting to provoke officers.  The air around them, not to mention, also smelled of weed.

Young girls who were unaware of the actual cause of the riot ran across the street, merely to get the chance to insult policemen and “be a part of something.”

SWAT teams lined up on the street, ready to take action if SWAT teams waited for orders as the crowd continued yelling. necessary, but the DPD did not respond with brutality, quashing what the protesters wanted. Though OD and Anonymous were trying to instigate a quarrel, it never came. The police just monitored the procession as it slowly continued to lose traction through the end of the afternoon.

According to, only six total arrests were made that day.

Though the participants in the march describe their procession as “peaceful,” their behavior was regarded as different, as they were not graciously walking their route humbly. If anything their boisterous behavior undermined their credibility as a “peaceful” operation.

This month the rioters proceeded to complete yet another march on the capital, holding true to their word.

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