Remembering Chaney King

Chaney King graduated from Heritage High School in the class of 2000. She had a remarkable bubbly and inspiring personality that was irreplaceable. She was always happy and no matter what was happening she would say “it’s all good”. She was a swimmer and a star student while at Heritage. After she graduated she then continued on to the Air Force Academy.

10 years ago this month Chaney King was tragically killed in car accident at the age of 20. She was a passenger in the car with her boyfriend when he didn’t see an overgrown stop sign. Their Jeep Wrangler was t-boned by an oncoming car. She was killed on impact and he spent a week in a coma.

She was in the middle of her sophomore year and was a Falcon Scholar Cadet. When she died she it shook both the Air Force and Heritage Community.

Alina Guldy ’13 took private swimming lessons from her and her death left mark on her life. The King’s are family friends and Chaney was a role model to her. When she died it was her first exposure to death and changed her path. Guldy then switched her focus from swimming to gymnastics.

“It is important to remember Chaney because she was such an incredible individual. She was the Rachael Joy Scoot of my world,” says Guldy.

The Falcon foundation hosts the Chaney King Bike Ride/Run in honor of her. The proceeds of the race go towards the Academy.

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