Reitzma joins HHS


Reitsema listens intently to a phone call at her desk in the main office. Her office is right outside of Mr. Heimer’s.

Sometimes dealing with scheduling and technical issues can be frustrating for Heritage students. For Mr. Heimer’s new instructional secretary, Andra Reitsema, these daunting tasks are her whole job.

Reitsema may work behind the scenes, but she is one of the people keeping Heritage working like a well-oiled machine, day in and day out. She deals with scheduling issues, audits, and clears out any technical problems that may be clogging up the school. Despite all of the hard work, she’s excited to be here at Heritage.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the school plays in the theater and maybe watching some athletics. I loved all of that stuff in high school, it’s part of the reason I want to be here,” says Reitsema.

“Andra is a welcome addition not only for my office but to the entire school. She’s certainly learning things quick, and we’re lucky to have her,” comments Heimer.

After recently leaving her work at Whole Foods, Reitsema is thrilled to be out of a for-profit industry and into education. She feels much better about working for something that isn’t about money.

She remembers her time fondly in high school and offers students advice.

“Hang in there; it’s tough but you can stick it out, I promise,” says Reitsema.

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