Reflecting on the years

Three women lead some of the most helpful upperclassmen in the school. Ms. Amanda Glerup, Ms. Patty Masciotro and Ms. Jill Rickard are the LINK sponsors at Heritage High School.

The Heritage LINK program is a selected group of  juniors and seniors that mentor the freshman throughout their first year in high school.

Glerup and Masciotro, both math teachers at Heritage, are going into their ninth year as

The LINK sponsors enjoy each others' company. The sponsors and their advisories gather in the gym on Wednesdays and Thursdays to study and play games.
The LINK sponsors enjoy each others’ company. The sponsors and their advisories gather in the gym on Wednesdays and Thursdays to study and play games.

LINK coordinators. Rickard, an English teacher at Heritage, is going into her fifth year.

By being sponsors, these three teachers are able to bond with the students outside of class.

“I wanted the chance to work with student leaders outside the classroom, and especially students who have the opportunity to shape the future of our schools by making all students feel welcome and accepted from their freshman year and by serving as role models for them, mentoring them about what it takes to be successful academically and socially in high school,” says Rickard.

Skye Smith ’15 has Masciotro as her math teacher as well as her LINK advisor.

“It’s fun having her outside of pre-calculus because she’s a really nice person,” says Smith.

LINK members along with the coordinators are able to bond with the new students and create a “family.” The LINK program uses the word “family” to represent the connection between LINK Leaders and freshmen, coordinators and freshmen, and LINK Leaders and coordinators.

“During my first year of teaching, I wanted to be a part of Heritage in some capacity. I love freshmen and saw that my energy would be best suited helping their transition to high school. I am also proud of Heritage and the things it does and I wanted to share that,” says Glerup.

LINK has taught the sponsors many things about each other as well as the long-lasting effects of interacting with the group.

“Kids who want to help other kids, that says something about who they are.  I am dealing with people who want to make the world better by helping others.  You can’t beat that,” says Masciotro.

“I feel blessed to work with two people who are dynamic, ‘kid-focused’ individuals who ‘walk the walk’ of all that we want LINK to be.  They each bring different gifts and different strengths to the program.  Ms. M is the organizer, the detail person while Ms. G is the ‘showman.’  They play off of each others’ strengths to provide an awesome program,” says Rickard.



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