Putting an end to the winter doldrums

The best winter movies

Catch up on some great movies this winter season. There are plenty of classics out there that are guaranteed to keep your mind off of the dreary weather.

Christmas is over and it goes without saying that it’s not really socially-acceptable to watch Christmas movies any more. But just because you had to pack away the tree and lights doesn’t mean that those warm, cozy nights in front of the T.V. are over. There are plenty of outstanding movies to catch up on over the next few weeks of winter that are sure to put an end to your winter doldrums.

My obvious choice for those cold, dreary nights would be none other than one of the acclaimed Marvel flicks, ranging anywhere from Captain America: The First Avenger, to any of the two Iron Man movies, to Thor and finally to the cumulative Marvel superhero movie The Avengers. These action-packed superhero masterpieces are sure to bring out the hero in you. Before long, you’ll forget it’s winter because all that’s on your mind is fighting crime.

Maybe superhero movies are too far-fetched for you. If so, this is a good time to watch the romantic classic Titanic. Don’t groan—yes it gets a ton of recognition but Valentine’s Day is coming up and it does have an irresistible forbidden love story.

If you don’t have a “significant other” and don’t care for romantic flicks, there are way too many great action/adventure movie series around for you to waste those winter nights staring out the window at the bleak weather. Dreary winter evenings provide a prime time to catch up on your favorite action flicks, such as the Bourne trilogy plus its latest addition, The Bourne Legacy.

With Skyfall having been released, those of you who are daring may want to sit down for a James Bond marathon. And yes, you have to watch all twenty-three movies for it to be legitimate. You better bring extra popcorn.

If the Bourne or the Bond movies aren’t your cup of tea, how about settling in for an evening of older action classics like Star Wars or Indiana Jones? You can’t go wrong with these flicks!
And if you still can’t settle on a flick for movie night, I recommend a simple, hilarious classic like Forrest Gump, The Princess Bride or one of the Back to the Future films. These movies never fail to entertain and are sure to cure even the worst cases of winteritis.

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