Print in the making

Artwork by Lauren Harrington

Nestled back in an art room on the first floor Mr. Bernal’s printmaking class is hard at work carving out various images for their next exciting assignment.

Senior Lauren Harrington recalls that the printmaking class works with three main types of prints; relief prints, reductive relief prints, and intaglio prints.

“My favorite project was the second project we did which was the reductive relief prints. This one was fun because you had to take your time with it and be very exact and if you did that your project came out great. I did a zebra for my print and it turned out better than I had originally envisioned it,” says Harrington.

The process of making these prints of course varies based on each project.

“The majority you carve a design or image into a surface like linoleum, wood, plastic, then cover it with ink, and finally roll it onto the paper. [It’s] kinda like paintings but you can produce more than one of the same piece at a time,” states Harrington.

As class registration gets underway and the last few credits are hard to find Addie Wilkins ’13 strongly recommends looking into the printmaking class.

“I would absolutely recommend this class to other students! Mr. Bernal gives us instruction and then lets us have a lot of freedom in our projects which I really enjoy. He is also extremely encouraging and very helpful. It was a wonderful experience and made my day a little bit more enjoyable.”

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