Post Grad Supports Students

With the end of each year, the prospect of college or life after high school looms over the heads of each Heritage student. Post Grad is a tool to utilize when faced with these issues. With Ms. Joni Lieb as the coordinator of Post Grad, the process provides many resources to students.

“For resources we use the program Naviance, which can send letters of recommendation to colleges or offer career surveys which can help you decide a career path so it’s not just limited to college. If you’re taking the college path, we have college representatives that come in, and we have SAT books and ACT books to help out,” says Lieb.

Post Grad also plays a huge role in helping with the admissions process.

“You can sit down and fill out your application and fill out your common app. We send transcripts and help with letters of recommendation,” states Lieb.

Post Grad also encourages students to think about college throughout their high school career.

Sometime during the spring of sophomore year, students are acquainted with Post Grad. Then, during junior year, things take off with planning for college and making lists of college visits as well as prospective colleges. By senior year, Post Grad would have provided the tools to prepare students for applying to college.

“Post Grad helped me find out what I needed to finish my college application. Mrs. Lieb sends out messages about upcoming events for college visits and scholarships,” says Benny Spiegel-Chen ’18.

Alternative schools have also been playing a larger and larger role in the Post Grad process. This would include trade schools and what they have to offer. Due to the rising cost of tuition for college, trade schools have become more and more relevant.

Post Grad also has around 37 volunteers who come in to help students and make the college application process more streamlined. The volunteers help guide students through Naviance and the college application process.

Mrs. Joni Lieb and Benny Spiegel-Chen ’18 discuss future college plans in Post Grad. Lieb and the many volunteers help students for the future.

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