Personalizing art

Remember those days when you enjoyed scribbling with markers? Get ready to have fun making your own personalized mugs that look more “grown up”. Guys and girls will both have fun doing this easy project!

Materials you will need:

-A mug. Ikea sells good quality mugs for only $1.00. Black or white mugs work best.

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-Oil based sharpie markers. Make sure you get “oil based”. They are on the more costly side, but a good investment! Regular sharpies will not work because the color will immediately wash off.


-Rubbing alcohol and Q-tips in case you make a mistake!

-An oven that is preheated to 400 degrees.

-Stencils to help with your artwork and design as well as other inspiration! Quotes, pictures, funny sayings and special remembrances.

First, have fun with decorating your mug with different colored sharpies. Swirls, polka dots, quotes, ect. If you make a mistake, dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and gently rub away the color. It will look brand new! When you are done designing, place your mug on a cookie sheet and place in your preheated oven. Your mug should “bake” for 30-45 minutes. This sets the color in so the design won’t wash away. After it bakes, carefully remove the mug. Be sure to use heat pads, because the mug will be very hot! Place the mug on a new cookie sheet and let cool for an hour.

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After using your mug you can either wash it by hand or wash it in the dishwasher. The color won’t wash off! This project makes a fun and thoughtful gift for someone, as well as a personalized mug for yourself.

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