Accidents in the Parking lot

In the first two weeks of the HHS parking lot has had three accidents because of students backing out and bumping into other cars.

“Students should pay more attention to their surroundings and should try not to be the first ones out. Students should slow down and give other drivers space and take turns leaving the parking lot so that way cars don’t come close trying to get in line to leave.” Martinez says

Parking permits are a big deal now. It is important to get a parking permit or students could face a $25 fine or cloud get there car booted.


For the first offense, students will get a ticket; strike two is another ticket; and strike three is a parking boot for you car. Throughout the school year the security staff will see which students don’t follow this rule.The staff will also keep track of the cars that don’t have permits.


“I think that the parking permits are a waste of money and students shouldn’t spend that much. It would be nice if they were $5,” Shane Mcgregor,17 says.



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