Moving Zoe out of Town

A tree taken down by the winds of Sandy. This was taken the day after Sandy arrived.

Zoe Van De Voorde, Heritage graduate of 2010, evacuated her NYU dorm room because of a storm named Sandy.

“The night Sandy blew in, she knocked out my power and water. My roommates and I had a peanut butter and jelly party for dinner. We watched “Magic Mike” and slept through the worst part if the storm,” says Van De Voorde.

Thanks to Sandy, Zoe left the city and moved in with a friend living in Long Island NY, which prevented her from going to any of her college classes because she is living so far away.

“Sandy is the reason I have not been going to classes. I am in a Pre-Med program and missing classes puts me behind the other students not affected by Sandy,” says Van De Voore.

“With water on the streets it was super hard to get around. We walked everywhere, subways were shut down and taxi’s were picking up people who needed destinations outside of the blackout zone. Whenever we were out it smelled of smoke from the fire in Breezy Points,” says Van De Voorde.

According to, 80 houses were left untouched. 190 fire fighters helped to catch the flame.

“Sandy hasn’t disappointed me at all. She’s really come through for me actually,” says Van De Voorde.

Now Zoe has moved back into her dorm room. She’s back doing her Pre-Med classes. The town is still very damaged but it’s all back to normal.

“There is still a lot of fundraising in New Jersey and Coastal New York but Manhattan started right back up once they got the power back,” say Van De Voorde.

Sandy has disappointed and hurt the lives of many and soon they will come together.

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Varsity boys tip off

The team tries to score against Pueblo East High School. Pueblo East is highly ranked in 4A.

It’s that time of year again. Winter sports are in full swing, including boys’ varsity basketball. From now until February, the boys will practice, strategize and work hard to win games in hopes of making it to the playoffs.

The Eagles took on rival Arapahoe in their first game of the season. While they played hard, they were not able to pull out a win. The final score was 46 to 88.

“We hit a shooting slump and they couldn’t miss,” says Heritage boys’ varsity head coach Jentry Byleveld.

They then entered their first tournament of the season, which they co-hosted with ThunderRidge.  The first game of the tournament was played on December 5 against Pueblo East High School. They again fell short, losing 37 to 61.

The next game of the tournament was played against Grand Junction High School. After falling behind in the first three quarters, they went on a shooting streak and almost caught up. They were not able to overcome the deficit and lost to Grand Junction 65-73.

The final game of the tournament pitted Heritage against Gateway. Heritage came ready to win and managed to take the lead from the beginning. The final score was 67 to 50, putting a win on the board for the Eagles.

After their first win, the Eagles headed into their second tournament optimistically. Their first game was against Columbine High School, ranked sixth in 5A. While they fought hard, they were not able to overtake the Rebels and lost 52 to 67.

The second day of the tournament put Heritage against the 2012 5A state champions, Chaparral High School. Unfortunately, they lost again, with a final score of 53-72.

In the final game of the tournament, Heritage played against Valor Christian. Both teams played equally well throughout the first half of the game, with no more than four points separating them at any given time. However, Heritage hit a shooting slump in the third quarter and while came close to recovering, never did. The final score was 77 to 86, adding a loss to Heritage’s record.

The night before finals, the team traveled through a snowstorm to Evergreen High School. It was well worth the trip, as the game was a close one. In the end, the Eagles overcame the Cougars with a final score of 60 to 63.

Over winter break, the boys played two games, the first against Mesa Ridge. They played well as a whole, and added another win to their record with a score of 56 to 31. Two days later, the team traveled to Prairie View High School. They won by a landslide with a final score of 62 to 34

In their first game of the new semester, Heritage traveled to Hinkley High school.  The trip was well worth it, as the game was a nail biter.  The team again played well cohesively and won 51 to 47.

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Dancing the night away

12 Colorado Schools compete at the Continental League Dance Championships. Mountain Vista Varsity took first and ThunderRidge Varsity took second.

The exhilarating, electrifying pre-performance jitters of walking out onto the hardwood floor, judges staring, hearts beating, palms sweating, minds racing; these are the typical feelings of the Heritage High School Varsity Belles and JV Poms dance teams just moments before they perform their routines.

“You can’t hear anything but the sound of your heartbeat and the people screaming,” Anna Gerze ‘14 describes.

“You have to look over the judges’ heads because you don’t want to know what they’re thinking,” Rita Passaglia ‘15 adds in.

On Thursday, November 8, twelve Colorado high schools competed against one another for the chance to claim their spot as champions in the first competition of the season. Heritage, Highlands Ranch, Mountain Vista, Legend, Ponderosa, Chaparral, Douglas County, ThunderRidge, Rock Canyon, Castle View, Littleton and Regis took their turns on the Heritage gym floor to compete in a variety of events. The performances consisted of Freshmen Pom, JV Pom, Varsity Hip Hop, Varsity Pom and jazz dances.

The JV girls felt really proud of their routine, as did the Varsity Belles.

The Heritage Junior Varsity Poms perform first. Their school spirit and camaraderie echo through the gym as they begin the competition.

“They did really really well. I think their performance was the best I’d ever seen,” Varsity Captain Megan McLeod ’14 states after the JV girls performed.

The end result of the competition held Mountain Vista in first place for Varsity and ThunderRidge in second.

Varsity Belles’ Co-Captain Madison Jarrett ‘13 really looks forward to the new season.

“Last year was a building year for us so now we’re at that step where we’re progressing,” says Jarrett when asked about the potential of the team this year.

This is the first competition of the season and the girls hope to place in their next meet because of all the hard work that they have put into dance.

“We practice Monday through Thursday for two hours, and sometimes we have Saturday morning practices,” explains Maddie Laycock ’15.

All of those practices make for a strong bond between the girls.

“We are very close,” Caroline Crump ’16 tells. “It’s like we are a family,” Laycock adds.

Coach Mrs. Julie Cantwell was very delighted with the way the girls executed their routines.

“I was really pleased with their performance; I felt like they all gave it one hundred percent and worked as a team,” Cantwell tells.

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