One-Way to disaster

  Getting a feel for navigating the labyrinth of hallways and staircases is an imperative part of high school and one that is visibly bewildering to the inexperienced freshman class.

  But as the four staircases that lead the masses of students to their classes get clogged up and anxiety of putting the fate of your punctuality in the hands of other students builds, the proposition of a one-way staircase could fix these issues; however, I’m not sure how much it will fix the traffic issue and benefit the school.

one-way staircase

Students line up in front of the B staircase to get to their classes. This jam is an everyday occurrence.

  First of all, unless there will be signs to indicate which direction you should walk on the staircase, the one-way staircases would become a confusing mess of dumbfounded students milling around, which won’t help the traffic issue any. The simple task of figuring out which staircase to take to get to your class will disrupt the routine routes that students are accustomed to. Additionally, to keep from having to wander around the school to find the staircase that corresponds to the direction you want, it is only logical that the staircases be placed somewhat near each other, which would end up rendering the one-way staircase obsolete.

  Then there is the issue of space and funding. Putting new staircases into Heritage isn’t impossible, but it is potentially costly. Even though they would be installed during an extended break from school, the entire structure of an area to be augmented with the stairwell would have to be changed to make it feasible for a staircase to be there. But with the existing staircases distributed evenly throughout the school, it is hard to find space to put in a new one without scrapping the old one.

  A one-way staircase could possibly improve the time issues of getting to class. But with its cost and need of nonexistent space and close proximity, the proposed staircase would not benefit Heritage as a whole. With five minutes to get to class between periods, it isn’t hard to push past the crowds and get to your class without being tardy.

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