Once upon a winter musical

“Once Upon a Mattress”
February 28, March 1 & 2
7pm nightly + 2pm Sat. matinee
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Heritage’s theatre department welcomes more talent for this year’s musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.”

This year’s musical puts a whimsical twist on the childhood tale, “The Princess and the Pea.” For his first musical, Seth Deeter ’14 is very excited for show night.

“Being my first, it’s all very exciting and there is so much going on and I love it already,” explains Deeter.

Heritage’s play and musical choices vary from year to year and each year they are completely opposite from last year’s choices. Even the musicals themselves differ significantly from the plays.

“It’s not that the fall plays don’t have life to them, because they do, it’s just that the way musicals are set up brings more life and positive energy that just happens naturally within a show,” states Taylor Wallace ’13.

Plays have the more literal level on the stage, where musicals have more spectacle.

“I enjoy musicals so much; they have more aspects than plays. You have the choreography, the orchestra, the ensemble, it just has so much more spectacle,” says Mr. Fischer, music teacher.

Not only do the musicals bring more life to the stage, but they also bring more actors to the stage.

“I really enjoy how the musicals bring more choir kids around rather than just the theatre kids,” states Georgina Rayne ’13. “It brings more people together and we create a fuller experience.”

There is a tiny ingredient in musicals that spark more interest in people.

“In plays, there is a lot of work, a lot of work but still really fun,” explains Duane Taylor ‘14, one of the leads. “In musicals there is still a lot of work but it is a lot but it is more open and free.”

It is not that musicals are better than plays, they just differ in aspects which make them more appealing to various people whether people prefer the more verisimilitude side or the livelier, “out of the water” feel on stage.

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