New member of P.E. department joins Heritage

Heritage welcomes Chad Hanson. He was hired after two teachers retired from the P.E. department.

Mr. Chad Hanson brings his past experiences and versatile skill set to Heritage as a new addition to the physical education department.

He teaches several P.E. classes, such as swimming, health, spinning, recreational games and social dance. While coaching, Hanson takes pride in teaching integrity to his athletes.

“If you start with integrity, winning and losing will sort themselves out,” says Hanson.

Hanson proved the success of this method as he led tennis teams from high schools he previously taught at to tennis championships, and then taking the win.

Part of the hiring committee and a fellow physical education instructor, Mrs. Lori Lee explained Hanson’s previous teaching career and willingness to expand his skills promised that he was the one to hire.

“He hit the ground running, making sure every class that was left is covered, like swimming. We asked him if he had a WSI certification and he said that he didn’t have one but he could get it, and he did,” she says.

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