Mrs. Bolen prepares to travel

Mrs. Bolen helps a student in the DECCA Store.
Mrs. Bolen helps a student in the DECCA Store.

Mrs. Bolen helps a student in the DECA Store.

She has been teaching for ten years and working at Heritage for all ten.

“What I am going to miss most about teaching is talking with students about everyday things, mostly I am going to miss the relationships,” says Mrs. Barbara Bolen.

 While working at Heritage Bolen has built many relationships with students and inspired them to be the best that they can be.

“She was a great mentor and taught me a lot over the years. She has kept my passion strong and drives me to reach my full potential,” says Dalton King ’17.

  Despite the love her students have for her she is still ready for retirement, “The most exciting thing about retirement is to not be living by a clock and being able to spend time with my dog.”

Bolen’s plans for retirement are volunteering, traveling, gardening, exercise, book reading, and some type of part time work.

  Mrs. Bolen has been loved by her students since she started teaching.

“The three words that I would use to describe Mrs. Bolen are helpful, supportive, and passionate,” says King.

She will be remembered for a long time to come. Best wishes to Mrs. Bolen in retirement!


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