Mr. Eagle winner explains the triumph of winning

Merrill hiking the Mount of the Holy Cross, a fourteener near Vail.

Jay Merrill, who won Mr. Eagle three years ago during his senior year at Heritage High School, is currently attending Colorado State University.

“I’m studying geology and it rocks! No pun intended,” says Merrill.

According to Merrill, winning Mr. Eagle was a monumental achievement of his.

“When Jay Merrill won Mr. Eagle three years ago, anyone who knew him personally wasn’t especially surprised. We were all happy for him though,” says Erika Neave, a friend of Merrill’s.

“Do you want to know what it’s like to fly on the wings of eagles? To conquer new ground and look fear in the face? Winning Mr. Eagle will make one lucky senior a new man, a new leader…an eagle. Well figuratively an eagle, but you get the point,” Merrill remarks.

Merrill reminisced on some of the stage fright he had during the event and has some advice for the contestants this year.

“When the curtain opens and you find yourself staring at a theater full of students, friends and family, just smile, relax and be yourself. It’s guaranteed to help you win,” says Merrill. “If anything, just put on a good show. Even if you don’t win still make your performance memorable for everyone there.”

Merrill wishes all of the contestants good luck and is eager to hear who and how someone wins this year’s Mr. Eagle performance.

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