Moving Zoe out of Town

A tree taken down by the winds of Sandy. This was taken the day after Sandy arrived.

Zoe Van De Voorde, Heritage graduate of 2010, evacuated her NYU dorm room because of a storm named Sandy.

“The night Sandy blew in, she knocked out my power and water. My roommates and I had a peanut butter and jelly party for dinner. We watched “Magic Mike” and slept through the worst part if the storm,” says Van De Voorde.

Thanks to Sandy, Zoe left the city and moved in with a friend living in Long Island NY, which prevented her from going to any of her college classes because she is living so far away.

“Sandy is the reason I have not been going to classes. I am in a Pre-Med program and missing classes puts me behind the other students not affected by Sandy,” says Van De Voore.

“With water on the streets it was super hard to get around. We walked everywhere, subways were shut down and taxi’s were picking up people who needed destinations outside of the blackout zone. Whenever we were out it smelled of smoke from the fire in Breezy Points,” says Van De Voorde.

According to, 80 houses were left untouched. 190 fire fighters helped to catch the flame.

“Sandy hasn’t disappointed me at all. She’s really come through for me actually,” says Van De Voorde.

Now Zoe has moved back into her dorm room. She’s back doing her Pre-Med classes. The town is still very damaged but it’s all back to normal.

“There is still a lot of fundraising in New Jersey and Coastal New York but Manhattan started right back up once they got the power back,” say Van De Voorde.

Sandy has disappointed and hurt the lives of many and soon they will come together.

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