More lunch options needed

Heritage students peruse the lunch options. It is clear that Heritage needs more meal choices.

Heritage students peruse the lunch options. It is clear that Heritage needs more meal choices.

It is a well-known stereotype that many students think school lunches are gross and unhealthy. I completely disagree. The quality of the school lunches is not the problem; the problem is the variety of choices the lunch menu provides.

The school lunch menu provides burgers, fries, chicken, chips, pizza, salads and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which on the outside sounds great. However, it seems like the school lunch service is forgetting about all of the students and staff who are vegetarians, vegans, diabetic or students who have to eat gluten-free products. All of the above meal choices miss the mark for at least one of the listed conditions and/or lifestyle choices.

Take a student who is vegan by choice and can’t have gluten products, then it knocks off almost every meal unless the student wants fruit and a salad, but eating the same meal five days a week seems a little unsatisfying.

The common response would be “Why not just bring a lunch from home?” That is a valid response. But it could be possible that the student is on the free or reduced lunch program, which wipes the option of bringing a lunch off the table.

The cafeteria staff is comprised of fantastic workers who always treat students with respect and kindness, and I am in no way bashing them. With that being said, I would like to see someone with more power step up and do something about the fact that there is a limited amount of food choices for a wide variety of students.

If there is a way to rearrange the school lunch budget in order to provide funding for all students’ various diet restrictions, then this would put Heritage on the track to meeting every student’s individual needs.

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