Misconception of Feminism

The term feminist, which has been around almost a century now, receives backlash and disapproval.  This is met with a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. 

Few are willing to speak up, or actually talk about it at all. There appears to be a common misconception that due to the root of the word being feminine, the word indicates the power of women. This however is not the case, and this will ideally be someoneś awakening.

Feminism is, and has always been the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Almost a century ago, this word was used purely to define the movement for equality. Now, it has two forms. One of the two forms is exactly the definition, the other are cons20160428_095501idered feminist extremists. They are often referred to as, feminazis, which while this term is rude and unnecessary that is a better way of looking at the extremist that give the true intentions of feminism a bad name. A few people who advocate for female power call themselves neo-feminists and while they hold the name feminist in their term, they are not truly feminists. Feminists are fighting for equality, not control, anyone who says otherwise is using the wrong word and should be informed so.

The world is often mislead or misinformed and uses connotation rather than true meaning. For the benefit of our world and the billions of people trying to live the best lives they can, such misconceptions need to be terminated. Let it be known that feminism is the political, social, and economic equality of the sexes.

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