Men’s Fashion Guide – SS14


H&M at SouthGlenn is one of the many places to buy trendy new clothes for this season. Other good stores include Macy’s, Forever 21, Nordstrom and American Apparel.

   Spring is here, which means it’s time to put away the mittens and corduroys and put on cool, light summer clothes. Guys: fashion is not just for women, and there are a few key styles this spring that anyone can pull off.

   As always, collared shirts, denim, canvas shoes and horizontal stripes are back this spring. The most important tip for looking stylish is layering. A collared shirt or casual blazer paired with a light scarf will go very far in making you look trendy and stylish. Rolled up pants, patterned socks and a pair of desert boots will also make you look great this spring.

   One of the key styles now is southwestern. From desert boots and chinos to patterned collared shirts, southwestern is super cool this year. To get this look, a pair of desert boots is almost essential. Shoes are the most underrated components of fashion, and having a stylish pair of shoes is critical in looking stylish. After all, what good is a tuxedo when when you wear it with old running shoes? Desert boots are critical for achieving the laid-back southwestern look. They don’t quite scream “cowboy,” but they effortlessly complete the deserty “wild west” aesthetic without coming off as pretentious.

   Another component this year is prints and patterns. Any neutral-colored shirt with a collar is in right now, and subdued patterns with western and southwestern influence go a long way in freshening up one’s wardrobe.

   Styles are looking exciting this year, and just a few deserty additions can complete anyone’s look.

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