Making History

Wall picture
Lauren Max ’15 repainted the Senior Wall in order to uphold past traditions and not let something small get in the way of that.

Despite students’ efforts to ruin the senior wall by tagging it with graffiti, wall designer Lauren Max ‘15 decided to repaint it.

“I’ve always looked forward to the wall when I was a senior and just because it gets tagged doesn’t mean we should just let it stay blank,” says Max.

Max wanted to repaint the wall in part because she did not want to give all the power to the people who tagged it. If the wall was never repainted, then the power would go to them, so she was determined to find another design and paint it again.

For the new design, Max chose to paint the wall in a graffiti style in inspiration of the tagging. It would be much easier and faster to cover up a graffiti tag with another graffiti design.

“Graffiti is faster than other designs. You can do a large design in only one to two days with only one or two people,” Max says.

Max knows that the painting of the wall has been a tradition for quite some time and she wanted to uphold it in every way that was possible.

“I am so glad that we kept the tradition going. I know the whole senior class couldn’t paint the wall but it still looks great and I’m glad Lauren repainted it,” says Lauren Healy ’15.

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