MAD Week Kicks Off

This year’s MAD Week takes place the week of April 17. Members of Community Relations gave the student body themes to vote from, which included medical aid, poverty aid and education aid.

“The theme that was chosen was poverty aid, and our club then generated a large list of organizations that focused directly on poverty aid,” says Gabi Ahles ’18, club president.

After narrowing it down to a top-five list, the club voted on which two causes to support.

“Our causes for MAD Week 2017 are Sierra Leone and The Gathering Place. This means we will be helping internationally and locally,” adds Ahles.

gathering place

The Gathering Place is one of the two causes for this year’s tenth anniversary MAD Week.

The Gathering Place is a shelter in downtown Denver for women, children and transgender individuals who face poverty and homelessness. The organization prides themselves on hope and power of the community.

“Every donation —large and small— adds up to the full impact of The Gathering Place’s services and programs,” says Mendy Evans, the Grants Manager at The Gathering Place.

School supplies will be collected during Advisory to assist the organization with its programs, especially the Education and Job Readiness Program.

“Donations help The Gathering Place in our efforts to serve an average of 250 people visiting daily, which translates to 8,000 individuals monthly and 60,000 annually,” adds Evans.

As for Sierra Leone, those who live there are in need of supplies due to the Ebola crisis and poor living conditions. All money raised from MAD Week events will be sent to Serving Sierra Leone, which is then spent towards important supplies.

“Our club really wanted to honor our tenth anniversary with Sierra Leone. Shipping things to Sierra Leone is too expensive and it hurts their local economy, so this way we can donate to a local place and send money to a far place,” says Ms. Smith, Community Relations sponsor.

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