Mac Lab begins construction

Planning to open in January of 2016, the Mac Lab at Heritage hopes to enhance the experience of learning for students and classes. The lab will be open for everyone but was originally started for the second year AP Capstone class, AP science research.

The mac lab is currently under construction and is planned to be done in January of 2016.

The Mac lab is currently under construction and is planned to be completed in January of 2016.

“The Mac lab will be available for groups so they can get together to plan and practice group projects or to study. Classes can also take advantage of class time to work and plan here, rather than in class or at home,” says Mrs. Heidi Dudley, Heritage Instructional Technology Specialist.

Everything in the lab is accessible to help students learn with hands-on activities. The Mac monitors will be wireless and the furniture will be laminated so that everything will be able to be written on in order to help students learn. White boards and screens will also be around the room, as well as a stage for presentations.

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