LPS Poetry Slam

On November 11, three Heritage High School students placed in the top five competitors at the Littleton Public School’s Poetry Slam. Hattie Poole ’18 received second place, Hope Laub ’15 received fourth place and Connor Mudd ’17 received fifth place.

“I do slam poetry because it is something I can succeed in,” says Mudd. “I believe this is something that I am good at and I enjoy winning.”

Connor Mudd

The LPS poetry slam has been happening for four years. A Heritage students performs his piece for the audience.

In a poetry slam every participant does one original poem initially.

“I love that poetry tries to use words to explain unexplainable feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is a way for the natural beauty of the world to be explained through words,” says Mr. Nathan Ubowski, the poetry club sponsor.

Five participants are then chosen to compete in the final round in which they perform another original poem.

“Other people should do the poetry slam because it is a chance to represent Heritage,” says Mudd. “In the past two years fifty percent of the students from Heritage have entered the final round.”

Ubowski believes that anyone can do poetry because it is basically someone’s own voice being heard.

“Kids should get involved with slam poetry because everyone has a voice. If you don’t exercise your option to speak up, no one will ever hear you,” says Ubowski. “Slam poetry gives an opportunity to move thoughts and words into action and let people hear your voice.”

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