Living in the life of a legislative intern

With Rep. Conti (R-Littleton) at the call center making phone calls to voters in her district
With Rep. Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton) at the call center making phone calls to voters in her district

As many people know, I’m very involved in politics and my interest began when I was 10 years old. I’m sure many people thought my interest wouldn’t last long, but six years later, its turned into a passion.

My day starts off the same as everyone else at Heritage. I get up and go to school. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m a typical high school student; but on Tuesday and Thursday, I’m a high school student only until fourth period. After fourth period, I’m a legislative intern, and this is my second year as an intern.

This year, about half of the legislators got new offices, which are not in the capitol, so I begin my day going to the office which is across the street from the capitol. Each day is different, but it usually consists of some type of luncheon, meetings, constituent work, figuring out how to work the new copier, finding office supplies and running back and forth from the capitol and the office. Being an intern, I don’t get paid, but at least I don’t have to do the grunt work or run to get coffee or lunch.

The legislative session is from January to May, so the legislators try to get a lot of bills passed in a short time. January begins off slow because everyone is still working on bills and bills are just being introduced, so the first couple weeks are just full of pomp and circumstance because of swearing ins and State of the State. The rest of the time, it gets busy with bills, meetings and committee hearings.

My favorite part of being an intern is meeting new people, making great connections, and going to a lot of great events. This summer while I was interning, I got to go to Keystone for three days and a Rockies game.

I love being an intern! Its a great way to learn about the legislative process and get a feel of how politics work.

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