LINK warms hearts


The hearts covered the entire school. Every person that was in the school, including shadows, had their name on a heart.

  As Valentine’s Day has come and gone again, it has become a tradition to see over one thousand hearts hung up around the school as fun for everyone to go around a look for the one heart with their name on it, but what is the real reason behind the hearts?

“We do this to create community to make sure everybody feels included because we do so many things by class and activities, and it’s one of the great things we do to make sure we’re all included,” says Ms. Rickard, LINK sponsor.

The LINK crew is responsible for making and hanging up all of the hearts. LINK leaders work during their advisory time to make sure every student and teacher in the building had their name on a heart, even for the shadows that visited the school the Thursday after Valentine’s Day.

“The hearts help give kids who might have been missed get recognized and gives everybody a sense that they belong. I love when kids come to class and they’ve got their heart and they’re wearing it and sometimes it’s the quiet kids that have it on and we know we’ve made a difference in somebody’s day,” says Rickard.   

Each heart has meaning for at least one person in the school and it is important that everyone is represented on this day. Even if the hearts are just there to make someone laugh with friends as they find each other’s names rather than being something more personal and meaningful, they are still brightening someone’s day.

“It means a lot that I can help everyone feel special on the holiday and that I could give back and make someone’s day,” says Katherine Harston, LINK commissioner.

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