Life lessons on the court and in the classroom

Swanson reviews the day's schedule with a student before class begins. Swanson stayed within the Littleton Public Schools family, as he was a paraprofessional at Littleton High School before becoming a full time staff member at Heritage.

Swanson reviews the day’s schedule with a student before class begins. It is easier for Swanson to become more immersed in the Heritage student body now that he is a full time staff member.

Mr. Joseph Swanson joins Heritage’s family this year‐ now as a full time staff member.

For the past five years, Swanson had been driving back and forth from Littleton High School to Heritage. He had been alternating between working as a paraprofessional at Littleton and then coming to Heritage to coach wrestling, baseball and softball.

Now, Swanson is a full time Eagle, working in the PACE department as a paraprofessional while still continuing to coach.

Swanson loves being in the classroom as much as he loves being out on the field.

“I love working with kids in general,” says Swanson.

Swanson is ready to start this next wrestling season and is excited to be at Heritage full time so his focus can be on Eagles 24/7.

Not only has Swanson coached athletics, but he has been involved with sports his whole life. From baseball and football to track and wrestling, Swanson has been on both the athlete and coaching sides of sports. Coaching even runs in the family, as Swanson’s father was a coach.

“I love being a coach and teaching life lessons and teaching the sport as well,” says Swanson. “I love the coaching atmosphere.”

In his free time, Swanson enjoys heading to the golf course and playing a few holes.

“[He] has demonstrated patience, willingness to learn new things, teamwork and flexibility,” says Ms. Mindy Wilson, head of the PACE department.

Even though he has been at Heritage in previous years, Swanson is shining in the PACE department. This year, he is excited to get to know the PACE department and the administration a little bit better as well as improve as a paraprofessional.

Swanson has already become a successful part of the Heritage community through wrestling; however, now there is the added privilege of having Swanson not only as a dedicated wrestling coach, but a dedicated educator.

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