Latin Club dominates convention

The Heritage High School Latin Club is one of the smaller clubs at Heritage, but the club’s involvement is one of the greatest.

The group, which meets every few weeks, has recently been involved in the Colorado Junior Classical League Convention. An annual convention held by the National Junior Classical League is one of the highlights of the year and took place over a two-day time span in Estes Park, Colorado.

“It is a convention that celebrates the classics, so Greek and Latin. It also celebrates the students who learn about these classics. The idea is that through this convention we can continue to pass on the torch of classics and everyone will continue to learn about them for ages to come,” says Emma Kasahara ’17.

The National Junior League convention holds state and national level conventions each year, and this provides the chance for delegates to meet one another and participate in academic, creative, athletic, and graphic design competitions

“I really liked certamen, which is basically jeopardy but instead of three people there are three teams. I like this because it’s really fun and it gets your adrenaline rushing. Even though it can be hard to beat some of the other schools, it is still really fun,” says Kasahara.

Abbie Bardales ‘14 says that, “I’ve been attending the Latin convention for six years now and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the year, I look forward to it for months. It’s a great chance to connect with people from other schools with similar interests and a weekend to spend doing cool nerdy classics things!”

The Latin Club poses for a picture at the National Junior League Convention in Estes Park. The group took first place in the skit competition.

The Latin Club poses for a picture at the National Junior League Convention in Estes Park. The group took first place in the skit competition.

The convention welcomes chapters from middle and high school levels. These chapters allow for the opportunity to become extremely involved and take up roles of leadership in the classics community.

At the convention, some of the events are grammar, mythology, vocabulary, reading comprehension, costume design, dramatic interpretation, mosaics, sculpture, a variety of athletic events and many more.

The Heritage Latin club showed very well at this convention, with many students placing in their events.

Jackson Kilpatrick placed 2nd in photography, 1st on the Greek history test, 2nd on the geography test level 3, 2nd on the Roman history test, and 7th in the overall convention awards.

Abbie Bardales placed 1st with her handmade doll, 2nd in the costume contest, and 1st in the psyches test along with Daria Davidoff.

Emma Kasahara places 3rd in the Latin oratory, 3rd in Roman history test, and 2nd in the grammar test level 1.

Kamille Armstrong placed 5th in the costume contest and 5th in Neptune’s swimming event along with Tatiannah Summers, Clara Liddick, Connor Bray and Gwen Bassett.  This team also took 4th in the Leander’s swimming event and 1st in the catapult distance event.

Gwen Basset took 4th in the Roman daily life test and 3rd in the mottos and proverbs test level 1, and Connor Bray placed 5th in this event also.

Clara Liddick placed 4th on the geography test level 1.

In the skit competition, Bardales, Kilpatrick, Kassahara, Armstrong, Davidoff, Summers, Liddick, Bray, Bassett, Sanjali DeSilva and Lindsay Kilpatrick took first place.

The Latin Club missed two days of school to participate in this convention, accompanied by Ms. Meagan Wilson, the Junior Classical League sponsor at Heritage.

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