Kiss me, I’m Irate


Heritage students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green.

St. Patrick’s Day is probably one of the most misinterpreted holidays of all time. My last name is McCurdy and I grew up being very proud of my Irish heritage but when this day comes each year I am insulted by the way some people choose to “celebrate” it.

To understand my frustration we first need to look at the actual meaning of the holiday; it is a religious day for spiritual renewal and offering prayer for the missionaries worldwide. It’s not a day for wearing “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts worn by a bunch of people who aren’t even Irish or drinking because the Irish are a bunch of drunks, which we’re not.

I become furious when people wear shirts with the offensive “Irish yoga” cartoon where there’s a bunch of drunken men passed out in strange positions on my holiday because they believe it’s amusing and an accurate interpretation of the holiday. That may be how some ill-minded people have come to understand the holiday but in all actuality it’s a day spent with family, going to mass, creating and feasting on a great meal and celebrating our heritage.

Today, instead of offending my heritage by not understanding what this spiritual holiday truly means, do some research please.

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