Is Brazil Ready?

Brazil is set to be the host for the 20th FIFA World Cup. This will be the second time Brazil has hosted the fútball championships.

Tickets are already flying off the counters. Anticipation and excitement is in the air and volunteers are working hard in preparation. There are a total of seventeen different stadiums throughout the country for the games. Only six have been completed. The other eleven are in different stages of construction.

There is some apprehension of whether or not the last six stadiums will be completed by June 2014. Will they be ready?

Brazil also has many other dilemmas, such as public transports for the millions of people coming from all over the world.

They must make sure the International airports are prepared, check off the hotels, inns and retreats, and train over 53,000 public safety professionals to ensure that the security plan succeeds.

Millions of fans have been waiting for the past three years for this. Fútball players across the world have been painfully practicing, hoping to win the gold this summer. Is Brazil really ready or are they just putting up a brave front?

Details seem to be rushed and major deadlines have not been met. Brazil needs to realize this is not a high school fútball game, but a world championship. Planning events such as the FIFA World Cup takes an extreme amount of time; time that Brazil has not yet given. Brazil needs to step up to the plate and get their stadiums completed, cities prepared, security trained and transportation organized.

Brazil and its people are looking forward to welcoming faces from across the globe. Many countries have been preparing teams for the next annual World Cup, and many more hard hours of work will be seen throughout the next year to make this an experience the nation will never forget.


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