Individuality strikes Heritage

  Individuality is expressed throughout Heritage. Whether it is jeans, yoga pants, designer clothes or pajamas, each student’s creativity is voiced by what is worn.

  The hateful and gossip nature of teens is not seen at Heritage and students are able to be true to themselves.

  Cliques intermingle with each other and most groups of friends are not private in who they accept.

  Students are awarded best dressed in the yearbook, compliments are given, but what really counts are those who dress for themselves.

  Confidence canIMG_1307 be achieved by feeling comfortable in what you wear. Men and women everywhere are concerned with the way their body looks and confidence can be hard to achieve when in high school but that does not stop Chiara Zagnoli ’16.

  “I dress up because if you look fabulous you feel fabulous,” she says.

Morgan Lamb ’16 feels the same way. Lamb has made a goal to wear a band t-shirt every day and has not yet failed to do so.

  “Bands give me a lot of hope for life,” says Lamb.

  Heritage High School is a diverse bunch and makes sure everyone is able to express themselves by not making students wear uniforms.

  No matter how students express their views in the world, the way they dresses can help reflect the way they act, their beliefs, and the way they live.


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