Indie Spotlight – WALK THE MOON

WALK THE MOON is known for their watercolor artwork. Image credit to

WALK THE MOON is known for their watercolor artwork. Image credit to

Although not “technically” independent, Cincinnati-based WALK THE MOON is breaking the indie scene with their energetic sound, bright guitar riffs, and accessible style.

Many people are already familiar with their lead single “Anna Sun,” and a few people might know their song “Tightrope,” but their latest album, Walk the Moon, is full of colorful singles beyond just the ones that get the radio play.

“Quesadilla” opens the album like a thesis statement. It is a bright, peppy power-pop song that essentially captures the overarching style of WALK THE MOON and their first commercially successful album. With staccato riffs reminiscent of Modest Mouse and catchy synth melodies, “Quesadilla” preps the listeners for the rest of the album.

WALK THE MOON’s lead single, “Anna Sun,” begins with a run of lyrics and a fast-paced kick drum that never loses momentum. The catchy melody once again makes the track, and the song keeps a good pace with its stylistic variety and driven lyrics.

“Tightrope” is another catchy and driven song on Walk the Moon. Although it was less successful on the charts than “Anna Sun,” it is a strong single with a more distinct “alternative” style than others on the album.

WALK THE MOON is a unique act with huge mainstream potential. Despite their increasing popularity, the band still has its charming style and artistic integrity, and Walk the Moon is only the beginning for them.

Their next show in Denver is on October 26th at the Ogden.

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