Independent Study Can Offering Extensive Learning


As someone who has taken every art class available, Independent Studies are a great option to further your interest in something that you enjoy. Whether it is English, art, or physical education, students are able to go beyond the curriculum offered at Heritage High School.

  When I took Independent Study last semester, I was able to paint ten paintings in my one hour period to prep for an upcoming art show.

  However, not all students take advantage of the open lesson plan provided. Because there are no set due dates, students can slack off and get credits for a class that they did not participate in.

   I believe that Independent Study can be a great option for some and a terrible option for the rest. Depending on which teachers ‘class’ you are in, depends on how much you are able to take in from the provided option.

  Seniors should definitely talk to their counselors to see what their options are. Don’t like any of the wide range of classes that Heritage offers? Make up your own. Be creative and don’t short yourself.IMG_1330

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