Improv hits ThesCon

This year, Heritage Thespian Troupe 3759 is sending an improv team to compete at the Colorado State Thespian Conference.

“An improv team is the best of both worlds,” says Davis Bonner ’16. “It combines the raw talent of an actor with the careful eye of a director. When we compete, we are given a scene, and we then have to create a script and a stage based off of just a simple idea. Under normal circumstances, this would be quite hard, no lines or blocking at all. However, I like to look at it in a more freeing light. One in which we are the masters of every aspect and in complete control of the audience.”


The improv team has been practicing for a couple weeks before the competition to be as prepared as they can be.

Along with Bonner, Adam Downing ’17, Asher Farr ’17, Eden Farr ’19, Lauren Clouse ’19, Liam Tilton ’17, Matthew Bradow ’17 and Anna Rosenthal ’17 are on the team going for competition.

“You have to know your team really well, if you can play into a teammate’s strength the scene will benefit greatly due to the added level of confidence and skill. The team this year was all picked by the theater in a small competition to determine who would and would not be going to state. Once we found out who, we could all get together and work on honing our skills,” says Bonner.

To really understand improv the team has to go through extensive training to be confident in themselves.

“If you create a scene and are not confident enough to flesh it out, the judges will pick up on that and mark you down,” says Bonner.

This is the first year Heritage is sending a Improv team to the conference; they are experimenting in how the event works.

I wanted to get more involved with theater and get to perform improv alongside some of my favorite people,” says E. Farr.

They will compete on Friday, December 4 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. We were chosen to represent Heritage, and nothing short of 100% will cut it on the big stage,” says Bonner.

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