Hoopla over Hullaballoo

SONY DSC    The house lights dim and the MCs cascade over the seats. Before the audience knows what hit them, the word “Hullallbaoo” ( supposed to be “Hullaballoo”) awkwardly appears on stage; letters held at all kinds of angles. So begins another Heritage talent exhibition.

Hullaballoo is an annual opportunity for Heritage students to display performance-based talents to their peers and parents. This year there was a variety of acts ranging from singing to piano, from dancing to standup comedy.

Some acts even involved Heritage couples. Either singing to each other like Liz Taylor ‘15 and Seth Deeter ’14 or accompanying their girlfriend on the piano like Jared Leonard ’15 did for Becca Bretz “14. These acts were a unique twist on the usual acts.

“I love the song ‘Say Something’ by Great Big World and Jared can play beautifully,” states Bretz,  explaining why they chose the act.

A performer dances to an upbeat jazz tune. She has been dancing for thirteen years.

Among the dancers was Meg Flinders ’14.  She displayed not only her thirteen years of skills but also her ability to change rhythm and tempo at the drop of a hat as she transitioned dance styles from tap to lyrical to jazz. Her upbeat finalé ended Act One and left the audience with cheers and explosive applause.

Out of those performing, Colin Lemon ’17 was the only freshman and wowed the theater with her sweet singing of “Arms” by Christina Perry. Shannon Pansini ’15 was the only violinist, playing “River Flows in You,’’ and because she was back dropped by her own paintings, she was the only performer to display two talents.

A performer plays her violin and displays her art. She has played violin for five years.

   Between each of the talents, the MCs acted out small skits to introduce the next talent as well as solicit laughs from the crowd. One of the more memorable skits involved Ms. Glerup “instagraming” across the stage. She has been a part of Hullaballoo the past nine years.

   “It is always so much fun, you just have to get over your nerves,” Glerup explains.

If Hullaballoo slipped past your schedule, the next chance to see unbridled talent will be Mr. Eagle next semester.

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