Holiday shopping should be stopping

‘Tis the season once more kids, where we will all cozy up to our fall fireplaces, surrounded by loving family and friends, and discuss in excited murmurs what we dream of buying from the upcoming holiday sales.

Never mind sticking around after holiday meals to be with one another, we’ve got to go accumulate more material wealth!

Come on now, is this the holiday spirit we’re aiming for? We’ve all seen those horrific videos of fights that break out in Best Buy over the last item on the shelf. Is this what our classic American traditions have become?

Don’t get me wrong: capitalism and Christmas are as beautifully American as it gets, but at what point do our cultural values stop being marketable?

Holiday shopping is the same, painfully drawn out and blarringly advertized process every year. Companies sell us multitudes of fancy electronic gifts and high-end clothing to get fat with money under the guise of encouraging family bonding during the holidays. But I would argue that this detracts focus from giving to one another in the interest of sniffing out the coolest new thing for yourself.

Consumerism is not what it’s supposed to be about. Of course it’s nice to buy something special for your family, but don’t build your holiday around a deal.

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